A new you is born tomorrow
Stronger than you were back in the day
Kinder than you are today
Along a new road
We continue ahead
Amidst the winds of freedom


Akimoto Sayaka is the new face for Speedo

From 2014, Speedo started project 「GET SPEEDO FIT」
To expand further into women swimwear market, Speedo has chosen Akimoto Sayaka, who gets overwhelming support from women in their twenties~thirties, to be the image character.
The promotion will focus on Sayaka’s beautiful and flexible image, combined with Speedo’s strong and intense image.

※「GET SPEEDO FIT」 http://www.speedo.jp/swimming/getspeedofit/
※「Speedo」 http://www.speedo.jp/


After Adidas, it’s Speedo now! Her fans are all going to become athletic (LOL) "overwhelming support from women in their twenties~thirties"…they’re watching us… :X


Twitter 2014.04.14

Sayaka: (retweeted by Miyazawa Sae)
I, Akimoto Sayaka, is the new image character for Speedo.
Please check it out!

How about your boobs? Where are they? Where did you leave them?

I didn’t forget them.
Only pure people can see my boobs.(*)
That’s why, Sae-chan you must have seen them.

(*) 胸 (mune) is literally “chest/breast”. But it’s very often used by the meaning of “heart” too. I think Sayaka used it as double meaning here.


How about your boobs? Where are they? Where did you leave them?

Wait, ROFLMAO (lol)

Uchida, come out here‼︎((((;゚Д゚)))))))

You don’t understand at all.
About the real charm of boobs.
It’s really deep.


Keep calm, keep calm… and put your boobs on! (*)

Don’t put your boobs on!
by Gankutsu

Bravo ♥️♥️!!✨

(*) Sae was making a pun here based on a line in musical “Kuzariaana no Tsubasa”
落ち着いて (ochitsuite): keep calm
お乳ついて (ochichitsuite): put your boobs on
Sayaka also replied with a line in “Kuzariaana no Tsubasa” by Gankutsu.
That’s why Sae bravo her because Sayaka got Sae’s pun right away even when she only watched it once.


Um…Nana/Miki ??

(From Nishino Miki Seitansai)


Nana’s kindness will kill me one day.


because sitting is something tiring, so don’t do the long speech during election … XD


On the first day in Osaka, my partner and best friend, Sayaka, came to watch ♥️(≧∇≦)
It was really hard for her to find time, but Sayaka said “I defintely want to watch Kuzariaana!”. That Sayaka (lol) ♥️
I was so happy~~(*^◯^*)
After the show, we had dinner together, she told me her thoughts, gave…