I was watching DiVA stuff and not sure if I paid attention to this lil’ screen before, but now I did :3


I was watching DiVA stuff and not sure if I paid attention to this lil’ screen before, but now I did :3

ANN 2014.08.14
After they announced about DiVA last single, album, concert and disband, they called Sayaka live on the phone.
Sayaka gave a message to listeners about DiVA
Sae: Thanks to DiVA I came to realize a lot of things. Because of DiVA, I and Sayaka had fight a lot XDD
Sayaka: That's true XDDDD
Umechan: Really? Really?
Sae: Yeah, I realized Akimoto Sayaka can be too selfish!
Umechan: When? When?
Sae: Around Tsuki no Uragawa release
Umechan: Seriously? I didn't know anything about that! (´・ω・`)
Sae: For a moment I seriously hated Sayaka XD
Sayaka: It happened XDD
Sae: But it helped us understand each other more ♥ Thanks to DiVA that Sae came to understand all of Sayaka's good and bad sides ♥ 川^O^)
And they talked more about the disbandment a bit more.
Sae: Sayaka, are you awake? Did you listen to our radio? What are you doing now?
Sayaka: Yes, I'm listening.
Sae: Sayaka! What are you wearing?
Sayaka: I was listening to all the messages.
Sae: Oh, the comments from our listeners? They're all so positive. Sayaka, what are you wearing now?
Sayaka: Eh?!
Sae: I'm asking, what are you wearing!? 川#^O^)
Sayaka: Why do you ask such thing?
Sae: Why not? Are you wearing something you cannot tell? 8D
Umechan: Cannot tell? What does it mean? (´・ω・`)
Sayaka: No, it's just normal. Camisole, ... and underwear... 川・`ω´・)
Sae + Umechan: Hahahahahahah
Sae: You are, really! XDDD You just said some really heart-warming message to our listener while wearing only underwear!
Sayaka: Yeah, I just said something great with only underwear on XD
Sae: Ari no mama* (True to who you are)
Sae called Yuko and asked her to write lyric for them
Sae: Yuko, what are you wearing now?
Yuko: Of course, alien! (´-∀-)
Umechan: You still haven't took it off since yesterday?
Yuko: It's not about taking off! I AM an alien!
Sae: By the way, we were talking to Sayaka earlier. What do you think she's wearing?
Yuko: Of course Vegeta, right? (*Yuko was referring to their cosplay on Sae's bd)
Sae: Incorrect! She's wearing camisole and panties.
Yuko: Why the heck she wearing such girly stuffs?
Sae: She's wearing that while giving a really touching speech.
Sae concerned a bit too much about what Sayaka was wearing XDD

Kawaii Sayaya~ (U‿U✿) @ 130502 Revival Concert

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